Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RBA Tour: New Date Scheduled

Kaisen Entertainment Fair will be on Sunday, December 13, at Ruben Rodriguez Coliseum in Bayamon, and RBA will be there. Look for us at section D. We'll bring a bunch of comics to sell as well as the debut of the one-shot special Leviathans: Belly of the Beast.

For more info on Kaisen, click here.

Remember that RBA will be accepting pencils, inks, and coloring submissions. Check out the Submission Guidelines here. Writers: we are currently not looking for writing submissions, but if you want to submit your original work, please try to partner up with an artist willing to illustrate your script.

Stay tuned for ore tour dates as they become official.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Was a Teenage Zombie Cowboy Media Whore

Decapitated Gunbreed Review

From the Tomb, the online magazine has a Gunbreed review by Decapitated Dan. Judging by the review, RBA comics are off for a pretty good start. Read it here.

RBA in Primera Hora

RBA appeared in one of Puerto Rico Major News Papers, Primera Hora as part of the promotion campaign for Manga Criolla convention in Caguas, Puerto Rico. They even put the cover to Leviathans #2 by Ana Bruno. If you know Spanish, check out the column here.

RBA in El Nuevo Dia

Another major newspaper, El Nuevo Dia, also featured an article on comics. It has art from Ivonne Falcon, AC_Osorio and Ana Bruno. It's also in Spanish. Click here.

Radio Interviews Galore

Dreamgrafix artist Juan Lapaix and I were interviewed by two local PR radio shows: Agenda de Hoy and Piedra Papel y Tijera. We talked a little about the history of comics in Puerto Rico, and gave an overview on the current puertorrican comics scene. Of course, I promoted RBA's titles as well as the website. Both radio air through 89.7 FM for San Juan and 88.3 FM for Mayaguez.

Leviathans Never Ends

Here's a page from an upcoming Leviathans story by Josue Oquendo. Can't wait to see it colored? Me neither.

"They love me! They really love me!".

- El Angel