Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, Youuuuuu. You Com-pleeeeete Meeeeeeee

Guillermo Martinez Completes Me

After last week's wedding annoucements, love is still in the air here at RBA. So let's talk about a project very close to my heart: You Complete Me. Artist Guillermo Martinez and myself have created this little gem of a comic with four short stories written by myself and drawn by him. You Complete Me is an uncensured experimental trip with a little social satire and sarcasm best served if you're high. Although, I want to make abundantly clear that RBA does NOT condone the use of drugs in any way. Just say "no", kids.

Anyway, if you live in the San Francisco area and would like to meet Guillermo, he'll be sitting at artist alley in the Alternative Press Expo (APE) on October 17-18, signing copies of You Complete Me for all you indy comic lovers out there. Aaaaaaand of course, stay tuned to where you'll be able to purchase the comic online!

A Night with Joey Rodriguez

Last Sunday I hung out with artist Joey Rodriguez and had a hell of a good time. Ok, the first picture is a photo of Goat Boy from Survival Guide to a Slasher Movie. Joey just had to draw him on the windshield of my car... by that time he was already a little drunk (kids, don't drink and drive).

We hung out at Joey's workplace, Rebel Tattoo Shop, where we met a bunch of hot Brittish models who wanted to get tattoos for themselves. Love that Brittish accent! Joey is that happy camper second from left to right.

Next week I'm crashing Josue Oquendo's place. I don't think he knows about it yet. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Last But Not Least

A bunch of people have been asking for me to put up this pic of this year's Angel Fuentes is Awesome Awards. Well, here it is. From left to right: artists AC_Osorio, Josue Oquendo, Ivonne Falcon, and Efrain Morales. The awards were given during RBA's summit last August. As I said, before, Ana Bruno also won the award, but because she lives in Tampa, I have to send hers by mail.

Until then I remain,

- El Angel

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

It's Official!

RBA Studios co-founder Ozzy Fernandez and Editor Supreme Denise Soto have tied the knot! It all happened last Saturday, September 12, somewhere in Key West, Florida. These two have been together for a few years now and we couldn't be happier for them to make it official. From all of us here at RBA: CONGRATULATIONS!

Ah, love... it's a wonderful thing...

Leviathans: Genesis
It seems the Leviathans previews keep coming non-stop! Here's a piece for an upcoming short story by Josue Oquendo. It's weird that it's taken so lo long for Josue and I to work together on something, but I'm glad we're finally letting loose on this story. And believe me, this is not the last you'll see from Josue. He's got some awesome creator owned work down the line through RBA, so keep your peepers ready.

Yet Another Leviathans Preview?
You guys are insatiable! Alright, alright, how 'bout a page from the great Ana Bruno for issue 2 of Leviathans? Now go home! Come back next week, and maybe I'll show you something not related to Leviathans.
- El Angel

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Horror Movie Feel

Survival Guide to a Slasher Movie

Like what you see? That's a page from Joey Rodriguez' adult one-shot comic: Survival Guide to a Slasher Movie. This guy is a huge fan of horror movies, specially the classic 70's stuff. Let me tell you, I read this comic and it's a treat. You'll get some of the best art Joey's done while his character, Goat Boy, gives you the 411 on horror movies rules. Uncensored and relentless, this comic is a must have for all you horror fans. Stay tuned for the official release date to be announced right here!

Staying on the Horror Topic for a Bit More...

It's horror movie season already and this year's slashers are already here. Here's a list of some of the stuff already out or soon to be released:

Halloween 2
The Final Destination
Sorority Row
Jennifer's Body
and of course... Saw VI

Looking forward to watching Saw VI in October with my girlfriend (she's a huge Saw fan). Hell, even the bad ones are going to be horrific for someone out there.

I remember as a kid sneaking in the theater to watch the Exorcist 3. That freaky Christ statue bleeding through the eyes and walking in the hospital corridor freaked me out in my dreams for a long time. It's a little embarrasing now that I've seen it as an adult, but back then, that was just too traumatic for me.

Yeah, I know, I'm a wimp.

Submissions are Open!

Before I go, quick reminder: If you go to to our website and click on The Studio tab, you'll find our brief submission guidelines. If you're an artist and you think you got the chops, just follow the instructions and we'll check your stuff out. For writers, it's kinda hard to find the time to sit down and read a script, so I recommend to find an artist and submit original finished work.

Who knows? You may actually be the talent we're looking for, so give us a holler.

- El Angel

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 Angel Fuentes is Awesome Awards!

Leviathans: Belly of the Beast part 3

Here is one of AC_Osorio’s pages for his story in Belly of the Beast. As you can see, he knocked it out of the park! Like I said before, the one-shot special should be out in September. We should be announcing an official release date very soon.

2009 RBA Meeting

Last Friday, August 28, was a special night for members of RBA as our third big annual meeting occurred. There we discussed our achievements for 2009 (I know, the year is not over yet, but we’ve done more this year than the last two years combined! We also revealed our plans for 2010 and discussed the future of some of our titles.

But the highlight of the evening, I have to say, was the debut of what should become our annual tradition: the Angel Fuentes is Awesome Award. This award is given to studio members who have gone beyond the call of duty to help out and ensure that our comic projects come out with the high quality you guys expect from us. This year’s recipients were: Efrain Morales, Ivonne Falcón, Josué Oquendo, Ana Bruno, and AC_Osorio.


My computer died on me. I feel like I’m in the stone ages. What was the world like without computers? How did people manage? I’ll never know.


Next week, I’ll be back with some art from Joey Rodriguez. If you haven’t heard, he’s got a very nasty adult comic coming called Survival Guide to Slasher Movies. Wicked stuff!

See you then!

- El Angel