Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Just In!

Preview Art of the Week

Let's do something different this week. First off, here's a Powder Cain character pin up from Daniel Irizarri.
How about a pin up from RBA's Marketing Director himself, Rikky Carrion?

Our boys are currently at work for the upcoming Gunbreed: Haunted Guns Special. This was supposed to be our Halloween special, but it got a little delayed. However, I promise you will get to see the special soon enough.

RBA on Paquines Son Comics Podcast!

Hey, if you speak Spanish and would like to know about the history of Gunbreed and RBA Studios, check out a podcast interview that Emilio Torres from Paquines.com did with us. On episode 83 of the Paquines Son Comics show, Emilio and I took a walk on memory lane and revealed some interesting unknown facts about your favorite cowboy zombie. Listen to the podcast right here. We had a lot of fun doing that podcast. Thanks a bunch, Emilio!

Heroes Haven Harbors RBA Comics
RBA Fans living in the Tampa area, rejoice! Local comics shop Heroes Haven carries RBA comics. Available for purchase are RBA Presents 1 thru 3, and Leviathans #1. So run to Heroes Haven and subscribe to our comics today!

The Attic Door Wins Awards!
Congratulations to our very own Leviathans artist Ana Bruno! The Attic Door, the independent movie that she worked on as concept and story board artist has won several awards at the 2009 BendFilm Festival, including “Best Cinematography,” “Best Score,” and “Best Feature”. The Attic Door is being shown at several film festivals including Red Rock Film Festival in Utah, next November.
For an exclusive sneak peek of The Attic Door click here. Once again, congratulations to Ana and the whole film crew of the Attic Door!

See ya next week!
- El Angel

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

APE Complete with Guillermo Martinez!

Guillermo Martinez takes San Francisco!
One of the things that never stops to amaze me is that every time I work on a project with Guillermo Martinez I never know how the project will actually look until it's done. With all other artists I can generally imagine what they'll do with my scripts, but not with him. Case in point: When Guillermo told me he would draw himself and me in the cover to You Complete Me, I thought we'd scare people away. But he made us look so adorable! My point is that because of Guillermo's different view of the world, he lets me cut loose and experiment with the stories I give him. Guillermo's mind is something else. Sometimes I wonder if he hit his head with a rock when he was a kid.

Guillermo's first convention is Alternative Press Expo (APE) in San Francisco and we couldn't be more proud of him. Enjoy the pics.
Guillermo Martinez would like you to know that You Complete Me is not for young readers. Even though many girls may like the cute cover and pretty pictures, the topics explored are adult themes. The comic IS mostly written by Angel Fuentes after all. However, the artist promises he will attend WonderCon next year with a product for all ages (not written by Angel Fuentes).
The secret is in the sock. No, really.

Look at that pretty banner printed by Efrain Morales!

Is that Monster Child artist Yamil Medina? Why Yes it is!

"You want some of this, bitch?"

Ponce ComiCon Report!

We like Ponce and Ponce likes RBA!

Greetings, minions!
Sorry I skipped a week of the blog, but things just got a little crazy around here. I'm back now, with a special report on this year's Ponce ComiCon. We had a lot of fun and by we, I mean Rikky, Daniel, and Wilfredo. We debuted our new comic You Complete Me and it sold out! We also had a lot of buyers for Gunbreed and our other titles. It's good to meet new folks as we try to expand our empire- I mean readership, to the south part of Puerto Rico.
We also met with other fellow comic makers. Big shout out to the guys at Xpin Off, Artifice, and Crazy Comics (that last one was a true blast from the past!). We're definitely coming back next year for more.
From left to right: Artists Wilfredo Lopez, Daniel Irizarri, Me, and Marketing Director Rikky Carrion. Did you notice we used our banner as table cloth? I think it looks pretty nice.

This lovely young lady right here is cover artist Ericka Lugo. We've been talking by e-mail for more than a year but this is the first time we actually met in person. Here's a sample of her work for Violet Descends:

Stay tuned for a report and pics on San Francisco's APE convention, with Guillermo Martinez.

- El Angel

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Been a Busy Week

RBA Goes to Press

This has been a truly busy week . We're going to press on four comics at the same time. As promised, you should get more info on on the official release date on all the new comics by the end of next week.

Running around doing quality control and making sure the artists come through with the final touches is stressful. But in the end, it's all worth it when you get those comics in your hands.

Case in point:

This is the Cover to You Complete Me

That's me with an eye patch and artist Guillermo Martinez with the umbrella. Look for it at the Alternative Press Expo (APE) on October 17-18 in San Francisco.

Here's the cover to MERC: Decapaton Origin

The art on this piece was done by Ozzy Fernandez with colors by Cari Corene. Not much to say on this baby, except that you should see the comic next year.

I'm cutting it short this week. I got a lot of work ahead of me.

See you guys next week.

- El Angel

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Even More Leviathans! ... And a Little Secret... Shhh!

Ivonne Falcon and Christian Alvarado: Leviathans WIP!

This is the alternate cover to upcoming Leviathans issue #2 by Ivonne Falcon and Christian Alvarado. It's almost finished, but I couldn't help myself. I had to show you guys. Don't say I don't spoil you. We are very, very close to announcing release date on this baby, and the Belly of the Beast oneshot special. I promise you it'll all be out before the end of the year.

Angel's 2009 TV Fall Line-up

I love my TV shows, people. And this year seems to be very promising and entertaining. So without further ado, and because you didn't really ask for it, here's my must watch TV shows list for this season.

Mondays: Heroes (NBC) at 8pm, Lie to Me (FOX) at 9pm

Tuesday: Nothing! There's nothing interesting for e on Tuesdays! Really...

Wednesday: Law and Order SVU (NBC) at 9pm, South Park (Comedy Central) at 10pm

Thursday: Flash Forward (ABC) 8pm, Fringe (FOX) 9pm, The Office (9pm). That last one is through the magic of Hulu.com

Fridays: Law and Order (NBC) 9pm

Saturdays: Saturday Night Live (NBC) 11:30pm (Not really "must see". Just when I'm bored.)

Sundays: The Simpsons (FOX) 8pm, The Cleveland Show (FOX) 8:30pm (still iffy on that one), Family Guy (FOX) 9pm, and American Dad (FOX) 9:30pm

As always, I like to watch the Daily Show, and Colbert Report at Comedy Central, and sometimes I'll check Conan, and Jimmy Fallon.

OK, that's it. My life is boring. And before you ask, I can't watch any of the HBO or Showtime shows 'cause it's too expensive. Guess I'll rent those or check them out on Youtube.

Shhhh! Top Secret!

Can you hear it? That's the sound of his Harley! He's coming!

Hide your daughters! Break out the beers!

Timothy Santo's Biker Dwarf is coming... in 2010!

Biker Dwarf concept art by Wilfredo Lopez and Timothy Santos.

C-Ya next week!
-El Angel