Sunday, August 23, 2009

Batman Arkham Asylum is coming this Tuesday!!!

Batman Arkham Asylum is coming this Tuesday!!!

That's it. That's all I wanted to say... (joygasm!)

Leviathans Belly of the Beast Part 2

As promised last week: here's a page from artist Daniel Irizarri for Belly of the Beast. His story is called God Save the Queen and it's about dragons in Jamaica! I'm looking forward to working with Daniel again. Next week: AC_Osorio!

By the way, Ana Bruno, artist on Leviathans, has been having trouble with her computer causing delays in coloring of the art for issue two. I know we were supposed to come out in July, but we're working on it.

Angel's Movie Pics!

I've talked to some of my friends on how disappointed I've been with this summer's movies. Harry Potter Transfrormers 2 sucked ass, Terminator 4, Up, and GI Joe were just ok. I can say that the only movie that really blew me away was Star Trek. So here we are at the close of the summer season and I'm glad to be able to recommend a few must see surprises:

1. Inglorious Basterds - Not really a surprise (Pitt,Tarantino, nazis. Can't go wrong with that!)

2. Moon - This is an amazing psychological piece

3. District 9 (a true masterpiece, and go check out the original short film on You Tube)

4. (500) Days of Summer -Go with your girlfriend. Thank me later.

5. The Hurt Locker - It took me a while to realize this was a comedy and not an actual war movie... What? It's drama? Really? Well, whatever it is, go watch it any way.

See ya next week!

- El Angel

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I was a Teenage Zombie Cowboy and other Tales

Hello to everyone out there in Blog land! This is the first of my hopefully weekly little rump. As all good blogs it'll be me just ranting about stuff. It may be RBA related or not. Let's get started, shall we?

How awesome is that Leviathans: Belly of the Beast Special?!

Very awesome indeed. For those Leviathans readers we are treating you with an awesome side dish called Belly of the Beast. It's a b&w one-shot anthology special with tales about some of the most wicked dragons in the Leviathans Universe. We have art by Guillermo Martinez, Daniel Irizarri, and AC_Osorio (who also did the cover that you can see on All stories written by myself.

Here is a page by Guillermo Martinez. I promise that next week you'll see a page from Daniel Irizarri, and one from AC the week after that.

Leviathans: Belly of the Beast will be out by September (I hope).

Marvel's 70th Birthday Bash

So I went to my favorite comics shop, Metro Comics, last night, to celebrate Marvel's 70th birthday and I had a freaking blast! Cristina, the shop owner, ordered this great looking cake with the Marvel logo and some of its characters. True Stories' Tom Beland cut the cake and gave me the first slice. I even made the first improvised speech, which is weird considering I'm really a DC fan and I was wearing a Dark Knight shirt.

My girlfriend and I had a great time hanging with Demonio's Juan Lapaix and his wife Oasis Russo, Mr. Whatever's Franchy Morales, Novugenesis' Rigs Jimenez and of course: The Ghostbusters! Yes, the Ghostbusters were there to celebrate Marvel's b-day. BTW, These Ghostbusters do birthdays and activities, but apparently, they're not strippers (sorry ladies).

Blackest Night (ooh, spooky) and Wednesday Comics!

Today is comics day and I'm getting my comics! Here's the list of what I'm getting:

Blackest Night 2
Wednesday Comics 6
Batman 689
Blackest Night: Batman 1
Green Lantern Corps 39
Red Robin 3
Unwritten 4
Ultimate Comics Avengers 1
Ultimate Comics Spiderman 1

Those last two I'm going to try just to see what all the fuzz is about.

See you next week!

- El Angel