Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hey, Youuuuuu. You Com-pleeeeete Meeeeeeee

Guillermo Martinez Completes Me

After last week's wedding annoucements, love is still in the air here at RBA. So let's talk about a project very close to my heart: You Complete Me. Artist Guillermo Martinez and myself have created this little gem of a comic with four short stories written by myself and drawn by him. You Complete Me is an uncensured experimental trip with a little social satire and sarcasm best served if you're high. Although, I want to make abundantly clear that RBA does NOT condone the use of drugs in any way. Just say "no", kids.

Anyway, if you live in the San Francisco area and would like to meet Guillermo, he'll be sitting at artist alley in the Alternative Press Expo (APE) on October 17-18, signing copies of You Complete Me for all you indy comic lovers out there. Aaaaaaand of course, stay tuned to where you'll be able to purchase the comic online!

A Night with Joey Rodriguez

Last Sunday I hung out with artist Joey Rodriguez and had a hell of a good time. Ok, the first picture is a photo of Goat Boy from Survival Guide to a Slasher Movie. Joey just had to draw him on the windshield of my car... by that time he was already a little drunk (kids, don't drink and drive).

We hung out at Joey's workplace, Rebel Tattoo Shop, where we met a bunch of hot Brittish models who wanted to get tattoos for themselves. Love that Brittish accent! Joey is that happy camper second from left to right.

Next week I'm crashing Josue Oquendo's place. I don't think he knows about it yet. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Last But Not Least

A bunch of people have been asking for me to put up this pic of this year's Angel Fuentes is Awesome Awards. Well, here it is. From left to right: artists AC_Osorio, Josue Oquendo, Ivonne Falcon, and Efrain Morales. The awards were given during RBA's summit last August. As I said, before, Ana Bruno also won the award, but because she lives in Tampa, I have to send hers by mail.

Until then I remain,

- El Angel

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