Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 Angel Fuentes is Awesome Awards!

Leviathans: Belly of the Beast part 3

Here is one of AC_Osorio’s pages for his story in Belly of the Beast. As you can see, he knocked it out of the park! Like I said before, the one-shot special should be out in September. We should be announcing an official release date very soon.

2009 RBA Meeting

Last Friday, August 28, was a special night for members of RBA as our third big annual meeting occurred. There we discussed our achievements for 2009 (I know, the year is not over yet, but we’ve done more this year than the last two years combined! We also revealed our plans for 2010 and discussed the future of some of our titles.

But the highlight of the evening, I have to say, was the debut of what should become our annual tradition: the Angel Fuentes is Awesome Award. This award is given to studio members who have gone beyond the call of duty to help out and ensure that our comic projects come out with the high quality you guys expect from us. This year’s recipients were: Efrain Morales, Ivonne Falcón, Josué Oquendo, Ana Bruno, and AC_Osorio.


My computer died on me. I feel like I’m in the stone ages. What was the world like without computers? How did people manage? I’ll never know.


Next week, I’ll be back with some art from Joey Rodriguez. If you haven’t heard, he’s got a very nasty adult comic coming called Survival Guide to Slasher Movies. Wicked stuff!

See you then!

- El Angel

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