Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

It's Official!

RBA Studios co-founder Ozzy Fernandez and Editor Supreme Denise Soto have tied the knot! It all happened last Saturday, September 12, somewhere in Key West, Florida. These two have been together for a few years now and we couldn't be happier for them to make it official. From all of us here at RBA: CONGRATULATIONS!

Ah, love... it's a wonderful thing...

Leviathans: Genesis
It seems the Leviathans previews keep coming non-stop! Here's a piece for an upcoming short story by Josue Oquendo. It's weird that it's taken so lo long for Josue and I to work together on something, but I'm glad we're finally letting loose on this story. And believe me, this is not the last you'll see from Josue. He's got some awesome creator owned work down the line through RBA, so keep your peepers ready.

Yet Another Leviathans Preview?
You guys are insatiable! Alright, alright, how 'bout a page from the great Ana Bruno for issue 2 of Leviathans? Now go home! Come back next week, and maybe I'll show you something not related to Leviathans.
- El Angel

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