Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ponce ComiCon Report!

We like Ponce and Ponce likes RBA!

Greetings, minions!
Sorry I skipped a week of the blog, but things just got a little crazy around here. I'm back now, with a special report on this year's Ponce ComiCon. We had a lot of fun and by we, I mean Rikky, Daniel, and Wilfredo. We debuted our new comic You Complete Me and it sold out! We also had a lot of buyers for Gunbreed and our other titles. It's good to meet new folks as we try to expand our empire- I mean readership, to the south part of Puerto Rico.
We also met with other fellow comic makers. Big shout out to the guys at Xpin Off, Artifice, and Crazy Comics (that last one was a true blast from the past!). We're definitely coming back next year for more.
From left to right: Artists Wilfredo Lopez, Daniel Irizarri, Me, and Marketing Director Rikky Carrion. Did you notice we used our banner as table cloth? I think it looks pretty nice.

This lovely young lady right here is cover artist Ericka Lugo. We've been talking by e-mail for more than a year but this is the first time we actually met in person. Here's a sample of her work for Violet Descends:

Stay tuned for a report and pics on San Francisco's APE convention, with Guillermo Martinez.

- El Angel

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