Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Just In!

Preview Art of the Week

Let's do something different this week. First off, here's a Powder Cain character pin up from Daniel Irizarri.
How about a pin up from RBA's Marketing Director himself, Rikky Carrion?

Our boys are currently at work for the upcoming Gunbreed: Haunted Guns Special. This was supposed to be our Halloween special, but it got a little delayed. However, I promise you will get to see the special soon enough.

RBA on Paquines Son Comics Podcast!

Hey, if you speak Spanish and would like to know about the history of Gunbreed and RBA Studios, check out a podcast interview that Emilio Torres from Paquines.com did with us. On episode 83 of the Paquines Son Comics show, Emilio and I took a walk on memory lane and revealed some interesting unknown facts about your favorite cowboy zombie. Listen to the podcast right here. We had a lot of fun doing that podcast. Thanks a bunch, Emilio!

Heroes Haven Harbors RBA Comics
RBA Fans living in the Tampa area, rejoice! Local comics shop Heroes Haven carries RBA comics. Available for purchase are RBA Presents 1 thru 3, and Leviathans #1. So run to Heroes Haven and subscribe to our comics today!

The Attic Door Wins Awards!
Congratulations to our very own Leviathans artist Ana Bruno! The Attic Door, the independent movie that she worked on as concept and story board artist has won several awards at the 2009 BendFilm Festival, including “Best Cinematography,” “Best Score,” and “Best Feature”. The Attic Door is being shown at several film festivals including Red Rock Film Festival in Utah, next November.
For an exclusive sneak peek of The Attic Door click here. Once again, congratulations to Ana and the whole film crew of the Attic Door!

See ya next week!
- El Angel

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